Sidify music converter is a Spotify music download software program that helps you download your favorite Spotify to MP3 files. However, it is not always working as they are adverted. This blog will show you the Top 3 Sidfy alternatives 100% working for downloading music from Spotify and other streaming music sites.

How does the Sidify Music Converter work?

Sidify Music Converter seems very popular for its capacity to produce high-quality MP3 music over a short time. This reliable music converter is the quickest downloading tool that removes the DRM protection easily while retaining the original quality. It also features a broad range of adjustment settings to help you establish the appropriate sound parameters and audio format that match your preference.

The software provides the right solution in delivering your recorded streaming music in MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, and FLAC, scratch-free. It can extract the audio portion of the streaming music and then convert it into an accessible format, which will allow you to play the file to another portable player. Besides this fantastic feature, it can remove all the online ads being detected, particularly if you are converting a huge playlist. Organizing your music library also becomes easier since this incredible app features an advanced ID3 tagger designed to identify the track information of every recorded music.

The features of Sidify may appear so impressive. Unfortunately, the truth is, no software application to remove DRM protection has been developed so far. If you heard of any software program that claims to do so, it’s a misleading statement. Some software developers always claim that they can break the DRM protection. Still, in fact, the software only rips the music from different sources, similar to file-sharing apps(P2P) like Napster or Limewire. Many existing software applications will tell you that they can “Download Spotify Music in MP3”.

As observed from Sidify’s FAQ section, it clearly stated that they never directly admit to download Spotify music and remove the DRM restriction. Instead, what you’re about to see is that Sidify is developed to “Download and Convert” Spotify music and playlists to MP3, AAC, FLAC, or WAV. That means that the DRM isn’t removed, contrary to what Sidify is trying to attest. The sad truth is, you would be spending a hefty $ 39.95-lifetime license or even more for a Spotify music recorder that only downloads the music from Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora, and other random sources.

Unless it would be fine for you to pay a premium subscription, it’s better to become more cautious in evaluating what these Spotify recorders claim to mislead online consumers like you. Perhaps, now seems the perfect opportune time to consider better alternative software apps to Sidify. There are excellent Spotify music recorders released out there, which are developed to capture streaming music with high-quality sounds as you heard it live. Here are some of the best audio recorders you can add to your list:


Top 3 Sidify Alternatives

1. Cinch Audio Recorder

If you’re seeking intuitive software, never miss checking out the Cinch Audio Recorder from Cinch Solutions. Cinch Audio Recorder appears like a straightforward recorder since you only need to hit the “Record” button, and the recorder will perform the rest of the job. The recording starts immediately upon clicking the “Play” button found next to the song you’d want to capture. Also, you can record the music while the speakers are muted, which means you don’t disturb anyone during the operation.

As a default format, the Cinch Audio Recorder saves the streaming music in WAV, but you may still convert it into another. This amazing recorder supports Spotify and prominent streaming sites like YouTube, Deezer, Pandora, and more. The coolest thing about this app is that there’s no need to copy and paste the URLs since it will record the songs immediately when you click the “Record” button. When the recording is completed, click “Stop,” however, you can repeat the recording session if the results aren’t good.


  • Highly intuitive user interface
  • ID3 tagger for modifying the track info
  • Superb audio quality at 320Kbp/s saves music as WAV
  • No virtual sound card
  • Filtered/removed ads


  • Separate payment for premium access
  • Exclusively for Windows and Mac users


2. Leawo Music Recorder

Leawo Music Recorder is an interesting recorder that features a mic and built-in input audio capturing system. It gives you the most comfortable way to record your favorite music from Spotify, delivered in error-free WAV sounds. This powerful tool also allows direct recording of all computer audios and online sources like podcasts and web radios. Leawo Music Recorder ensures 100% music recording whether the music is taken from streaming music platforms, microphones, or installed the audio players on PC.

Like other apps, Leawo Music Recorder features an ID3 tagger that quickly identifies the track details and then downloads them even if the recording is still in progress. You can acquire the corresponding music tags and edit the details when you find incorrect input with this feature. Leawo Music Recorder will automatically split the tracks when it detects any song or playlist being played. Moreover, this recorder will filter the embedded online ads, leaving your recorded files free from unwanted audio sounds.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Creates lossless MP3 or WAV outputs
  • Timing of recording session through task scheduler
  • Auto ID3 tagger
  • Accessible to many online sources


  • Limited language support
  • Upgrade to premium access is required.


3. Audacity Music Recorder

The Audacity music recorder is an open-source recording app that features a unique combination of basic editing and streaming recorder. You can perform editing of WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP2 files with this particular tool. Its primary function is to create lossless music recorded from different streaming music platforms without affecting the original condition. This intuitive recorder is free and is accessible over standard hardware and operating systems.

Audacity enables you to adjust sound speed, bit rate, and various sound parameters according to your exact needs.

This free software can repair some of your recordings since it’s inevitable to encounter some damaged recordings or audio skipping when recording music from online sources. You can synchronize two separate files since Audacity features some general editing tools to enhance their overall quality. Furthermore, this user-friendly software can convert any file into another format, allowing you to play it using another device.


  • Direct recording from Spotify and other streaming music destinations
  • Auto-file creation as lossless WAV
  • Improves mono to the stereo audio output
  • Records PC audio and microphone output
  • Removes silence and different disturbing sounds


  • No support for ID3 tagging
  • It doesn’t work well when speakers are muted.


Besides these mentioned Spotify recorders above, you may check out other Spotify recorder alternatives such as Audials Tunebite, Wondershare, Solutery, and TunesKit Music Recorder, among others. Remember that there’s no software application yet designed to remove the DRN feature of any original music track offered out there. If you’re a die-hard Spotify follower, you should’ve equipped your PC with the most efficient music recorder to get the best music available. So forget about Sidify Music Converter and spare yourself from spending your hard-earned money on software that isn’t supposed to claim something not real.