You can find thousands of free software programs over the internet that allow you to convert audio tracks from music streaming or file-sharing sites to Mp3 format.

Some programs will allow you to record songs or videos directly accessed on different music platforms like iTunes, Napster, AOL, and other famous sites.

Just like, this is designed to convert audio tracks from Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

Unfortunately, a lot of people complain that is not always working smoothly.

Typical complaints about include:

  • Install file size is large (123MB). I suspected it is doing unknown things on my computer than downloading music.
  • Slow conversion rate
  • Non-responsive on long-playing audio files
  • Website crashes even before downloading starts.
  • Output music is another version of what you tried to download.
  • Audio output is not always good.
  • The download is not completed or does not start at all.
  • IT makes PC hang up (though this will depend on internet speed and file size you have set)

Luckily, there is always an alternative when you encounter problems with while recording or converting music.

Check this:

Cinch Audio Recorder is an easy-to-use recording app that helps you create high-quality music straight from Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and many others.

Not only streaming sites, but Cinch Audio Recorder also supports internet radio, file sharing sites, and podcast stations, giving music fans the chance to keep copies of their favorite tracks wherever they go.

With this tool, you can perform the recording directly from the site instead of copying or pasting URLs.

When you download Cinch Audio Recorder, check the OS version (Windows and Mac) that matches your PC before software installation.

Download Windows versionDownload mac version

You will see the “Start” button upon launching the software.

Cinch is now ready to record your music played from different sites like Spotify, iTunes, and cloud storage platforms.

Remember, refrain from using audio players while the music recording is ongoing.

There is a “Stop” button located on the screen to terminate the recording. You can always repeat the recording process if you aren’t satisfied with the audio quality.

What’s great about Cinch Audio Recorder is that the software starts recording automatically when you play a specific song or an entire playlist. When the recording is already completed, you can view the title lists found inside the “Folder” icon, which you can see at the bottom.

What else can it do?

Cinch Audio Recorder is not just limited to music recording. It captures all important details relevant to the song, such as song title, album name, and track length.

Apart from this, the user-intuitive software also allows users to modify the track details if necessary corrections are made. Just click on the “ID3 Editor” button and make the necessary changes to the edit fields.

If you encounter broken audio tracks or poor records, you can delete the files directly from the playlist and do the recording again.

Audio settings are available to customize your music copies according to sound quality and preferred file format.

Your files will not get lost since all finished recordings are saved automatically to your output folder.

Music downloading has been easier with the use of free recording tools from the internet. You can always rely on Cinch Audio Recorder as an alternative software rather than resolve problems with audio-converting sites like